Dalmunzie Castle Hotel
Dalmunzies 9 hole golf course with Dalmunzies house hotel in the background
Some of the Dalmunzie Estate cottages from the hills

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Separately owned, the Dalmunzie Castle Hotel is set in the heart of the Estate.  Cottage guests are welcome to visit the hotel for meals and drinks in the bar.  Visit website for further details.

Incredible week. Started thinking we hadn't enough jumpers and by the end of the week we were sunburnt! Now I remember why the glen so inspired me all those years ago when working here in Denis Winton's day. Was so pleased to see bits of the train here as my partner didn't believe me! I was so chuffed that I still managed to clear the river on the 1st and the 7th on the golf course - shame I'm useless at putting. I'm not a golfer but here is special. Also saw more deer than I have ever seen - two herds of around 100 in each. Such a viewing spot!